Single line kites

Single line kites

Didak Oostende Bird

Won this kite as a TP competition price in Zeebrugge. This particular version is not too nicely made. A bit sloppy on the stitching and it tends to be a bit unstable in flight (unlike the bigger version).

Easily corrected with a tail. I now have a 17 meter tail connected to the bird. Fly this with my daughter all the time.

Marten Bondestam Cone

Build this kite using the plans in Martens book “Better Kites”. Marten is a retired architect who designs his kites using ready available (waste) materials. This cone is strange kite, looks like a windsok but flies on it’s own. Very easy to build.

Made this one using white ripstop nylon and black dacron reinforcements and nylon seamtape.

Rokkaku 1,9

I build his Rokkaku kite using a plan i found on the internet to lift a GoPro Hero 3 camera. Sail is one piece nylon with spinaker seamtape used at the edges. All reinforcements are Bisonyl. Height: 1,9 meter. Width: 1,52 meter. Spine is 8mm pultruden carbon and the spreaders are 6mm.

Horvath Urban Ninja

The Urban ninja, is a no wind/indoor single line synergetic glider kite. Very easy to fly and steer. Depending on the bridle choice and tension it varies from long smooth glides to a more radical and spinning style. Just let the line slip trough your finger in a glide and give a gentle tug on the line to flatspin it. So much fun. Great for night session in the streets as well. I built this kite myself using Horvath’s excellent guide and plans. Frame is 3mm pultruded carbon and 4 mm spine.

Urban Ninja XL

150% version of the Urban Ninja glider kite. Frame is 6mm pultruded carbon. Extually flies quitte well indoors, considering it’s weight. Outdoors it tends to be too sensitive to wind. Needs to be completely windless. Oh, yeah… be sure to wear gloves!