Magnet 112% Plan

Magnet 112% Plan

After a long time flying the Magnet we were thinking about what could make this really good kite even better. The only thing we were missing was “size”. So here’s the result: bigger, slower, precise, tricky… perfect (for us 🙂 ). Try it!

Sascha & Carlo.

(Thanks David for making this possible)




Plan A0



Shopping list

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Leading Edge: Skyshark 5pt, 152 cm (Lower rod full length 82,5)
Spine: Avia G-force std, 84 cm
Lower Spreader: Skyshark Black Diamond Nitro 68,5 cm (69cm with aerostuff style centercross where the spreaders go inside)
Outer Stand-offs: 3mm carbon rod, 27 cm rod to sail
Inner Stand-offs: 3mm reinforced glassfiber rod, 25 cm rod to sail
Upper spreader: pultruded carbon 5 mm, 49,5 cm

Measurements (Nose sewing to…)

Upper spreader center APA: 33 cm
Yoyo stopper center: 58 cm
Lower spreader center APA: 91 cm
Cross center: 58 cm
Bridle point on spine: 62 cm (4cm below cross)

Bridle 3 point

Upper: 57 cm
Outer: 49 cm
Inner: 63 cm

Connectors Used

Upper spreader: Tiny APA
Lower spreader: APA
Cross: LevelOne or similar short cross (when using longer (R-Sky) cross, you should use longer standoffs)
Standoff: APA
Sailgrabber: JACO

Color Template:

Click on this link to open the colorizers page by Katzengrafik.

Extra info:

Weight in Tail: +/- 25 grams (experiment)
Leading Edge Material: Ripstop Spinnaker
Nose construction: Kitehouse style nose