Pierre’s P3 UL & STD

Frame specifications:

Upper Leading Edge Skyshark p100 52,5 cm
Lower Leading Edge Skyshark p100 82,5 cm
Upper spreader Structil 5mm 47,3 cm
Lower spreaders Skyshark 3pt 64 cm
Spine Skyshark p100 74 cm
Standoff Carbon rod 3mm 25 cm (LS to sail)
Tailweight 15 gram

Connector Positions:

These dimensions were measured from the nose sewing to middle of connector:
Upper LE Tiny APA 30 cm
Yoyo Stopper LE 51 cm
Lower LE APA 82 cm
Center Cross R-Sky 48 cm
Standoff LS 30,5 cm from thick end LS rod


Three point bridle:
Upper 49 cm
Lower 46 cm 5cm below APA
Inhaul 55,5 cm 5,5 cm below center cross
Leaders 150 cm

Keeper line between upper bridle leg and middle of inner leg. No tension in normal flight (loose).