90Three Family

90Three Family

Written by KarelOh


This is a little trickkite experiment i did recently. Started off with a shape i really liked: my Vendetta by Shawn Tinkham. Altered the shape by scaling it down to 93% and changed the trailing edge by cutting it a fraction higher. The position of the lowerspreader/center cross is a bit higher on the spine and LE as well. Fitted single (gfk) standoffs per side and added a Kitehouse style nose. Also made a little panel layout so i could use some icarex scraps (Vendetta’s have nylon sail material).


Turned out to be a nice tricker with a great taz machine and a deeper backflip. Backspins are better as well. Still quite slow and precise in flight. The signature Vendetta slotmachines are a bit lost. Maybe a little tweaking can bring those back. Krijn Hemminga was interested in building one as well so we both have a matching kite to do some pair trick flying. A bunch of other friends within our little community have build 90three’s as well. So there’s quite a few now.

Krijn experimented by creating a SUL version which is very floaty and balanced. It’s very, very slow yet fully trickable in the lightest of breezes. Taz’s, multilazies and cyniques are it’s strong points but basically most tricks are there. Combining tricks is a blast. Single pop yoyo’s can be done but are easier when 3pt LS are fitted. This makes the SUL a bit more radical. A XUL and UL version are also developed.

The VTD version is very nice as well. Krijn did a great job with choosing the vent sizes, shapes and positions. When the STD has reached it’s upper wind limit, that’s when the VTD keeps going. Almost no pull, still slow and still very capable in the tricks department. Krijn also made a Super Vented/Crazy Winds version.

Since then we also experimented with larger versions: the 90Nine and 100Sixteen and even a whopping 100Fifty version (336 cm wingspan). Smaller/lighter versions like the 90Nothing are also available and a lot of fun to fly. You can find video’s of the kites on the plan pages.

Please send me a picture of your kite so i can add them to the builds pages (if you follow the color scheme).

I would REALLY appreciate it if builders would stick to the color scheme for the different weight versions.

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