These are special 80% editions of the 90Three. The 90Three80 in STD and SUL versions. The 90Three80 has the wingtips in the same color as the accent panels.


The 80Four is a 2 meter wingspan (84%) version of the 90Three. This particular kite is framed in a skyshark/Dynamic mix.


Another variation of the 90’s. In size it’s in between the 90Three and 90Nine.


The 100Five is a 105% version of the 90Nine which makes it a 248 cm wingspan kite. Lars Fakkeldij wanted a larger kite for light wind conditions (same windrange as his Phantom Elite UL). The 100Sixteen was too big for him so he decided to build something in between.

Lars’ 100Five UL in Slate

This particular kite is framed in Avia Gforce UL spreaders, skyshark 3pt upper leading edge, skyshark p100 lower leading edge, skyshark p2x spine.


The 100Fifty is an experiment by Krijn. It’s 150% 90Three which makes it a 336 cm wingspan kite. It’s framed in 10 mm pultruded carbon. The color accent on this kite is cream icarex.