Classic Kites

Classic Kites

Prism Eclipse SUL

This kite in this colour-combo was my holy grail since the mid nineties. I first found a STD and was able to buy a full set of these babies from a bloke in Germany for a very reasonable price. This SUL is framed in Gforce UL spars which aren’t really that light. Certainly not by today’s standards.

Prism 3D

Very agile little indoor kite. Requires very small inputs. Bought it at a kiteshop in Almere to bring it with me on backpacking trips. I used a plastic art-tube to strap it to my pack. A lot of fun to fly on campsites, in a forrest or on a city plaza. Framed in Avia microrods.

Prism Illusion STD classic

Build in 1997. Handsigned by Mark Reed and Scott Norton. Heavily used condition, but still flies very nice. Bought it for the price of the frame, great deal. Smooth slides and flatspins. Framed in Avia Gforce UL.

Level One High Level

Recieved this kite as a gift for helping a kite festival. Never really clicked with it since i couldn’t get it to flare back then when i was working on flatspins. I did learn how to do a fractured axel on it so it served it’s purpose. It is the cheaper version with pultruded 6mm frame and nylon sail.

Invento HQ Matheson Midi

Ronald van Zijl found this HQ kite for sale on Marktplaats, a dutch ‘craigslist’ website. I always really liked the panel layout so i placed a bid and recieved it today. Not in pristine condition, but with some minor damage and a bit dirty. It was sent in the original sleeve only! Risky business… The price was very good, so no worries there. Here are some specs: Avia 0.220 pultruded carbon frame, 2.10 meter wide, 1 meter high, Ventex sail,The sail was signed with a sharpie: Dodd Gross “98”

Invento HQ Vento 98

I flew the original Vento back in the 90’s at the beaches of Terschelling. I was ‘flying’ my Psycho in a very low and the owner of the Vento asked me for some tips and tricks. I was very impressed by the low wind capabilities.

This 98 version (found on Marktplaats) has a slightly heavier feel to it. The LE’s are made from dacron (ripstop nylon on the older Vento) and the nose is made of heavier webbing. The sail is ventex and a different trailing edge shape compared to the old Vento. The wingtip air pockets are still there and give the kite a precise and slow feel for it’s size. The centercross/LS sits quite high on the spine similiair to modern kites. Some of the basic old school tricks are there: cascades, axels, 540’s. It might be able to do backflip tricks as well when the trickline is removed. Frame is 5 mm pultruded carbon all around and feels pretty sturdy. I wouldn’t mind to add a old style Vento to my collection though.

Flexifoil Stranger Ultralight

I found this kite for sale at the german Drachenforum for a very good price. Have been looking for this particular model and color for ages. It has a large tear in the light purple panel which was taped by the previous owner. Haven’t been able to fly it for more then 15 minutes yet.

This version of the Stranger has a full Skyshark competition airframe: 3p and 5p wrapped carbon rods. The sail material is old style icarex (rectangular ripstop pattern).

Flexifoil Psycho

I ordered this kite right after i saw the video at a kitestore. Radical tricks, using urban (man i hate that word) structures like buildings, building sites and bridges caught my attention. Andy Preston and Paul Latham had sort of an skateboard style approach to flying these new trickkites and making videos. Very appealing. Learned spinstalls/landings, half axels and cascades with the Psycho.

The kite in the picture has a worn out sail and is now modified with a turbo bridle, yoyo stoppers and some tailweight.

Flexifoil Psycho

This is my second Psycho which was a gift from Pierre. Sail is still very crisp. This kite is also modified to the newer specs: turbobridle, w-trickline, tailweight, rollbars. The turbobridle makes the kite less freaky and a bit more stable in flight. Still very radical with superfast yoyo’s. All 6mm pultruded carbon frame.

Hurricane Superwing

This is the first stuntkite build i did. It was a pre-cut building kit by Hurricane from Zwolle. They specialized in delta powerkites. They’re no longer in business. My mom did the sewing. Very powerful hawk like wing. A bit twitchy and unreliable when the bridle setting is at it’s most extreme but a lot of fun to fly. All 8 mm strong pultruded carbon rods (thick wall).

Flexifoil HotShot 4ft

This 4ft Flexifoil in these exact colors (neon yellow with blue tips) was on my wishlist for a long, long time. My neighbors at the campsite had this one in the early 90’s. It needs a lot of wind and light lines to fly properly and then it becomes stupid fast. Such a fun little stunter. Unlike it’s larger brothers, it requires small inputs. This kite was a gift from Steve Brown who sent it all the way from Canada. Thanks Steve!

Flexifoil Pro Team 8ft

I got this 8 foot foil kite as a gift a few years back. So much fun to fly in heavy winds but needs LARGE inputs to get arround a corner. Fast, powerful, striking appearance. The sportskite that started it all. There are some small rips in one of the outer cells (probably hit some shells) which need some repairs.

Sieger’s Delta

This was my first carbon/nylon dual line kite. Got it as a birthday present (11th or 12th) from my parents including dacron lines and a wooden steering bar. After a while i bought some kevlar lines and skyclaws and i was amazed by the difference. A lot more pull and the kite reacted much quicker on inputs. The kite (only 1,5 meters wide) could drag me along the wide beaches of Terschelling with ease. Still have it and reframed it a while ago. All 6mm pultruded rods.