Essence STD Plan

Essence STD Plan


Sailcloth: Icarex PC31
Upper Leading Edge: Skyshark 5PT 67,5 cm
Lower Leading Edge: Skyshark 5PT 82,5 cm
Lower Spreaders: Skyshark 5PT 76 cm
Upper Spreader: 6 mm pultruded carbon 58 cm
Spine: 6mm pultruded carbon 82 cm
Standoffs: 3 mm carbon rod 27,5 cm
Rollbars: 3 mm spiral wound glassfiber rod 46 cm
Added tailweigth: 24 grams

Plan Files:





Close up pictures


The Essence is fitted with a 3 point bridle with one added line running from the upperspreader connector to the inhaul and pulls it in a bit. Click the image for the larger version with all the measurements.


Click on this link to open the colorizers page by Katzengrafik.

Shopping List:

Icarex PC31 +/- 1,5 m
Dacron 5cm 5 meter
Cordura or Bysonyl nose material 30 cm
Spinnaker seamtape 4 meter
Mylar 30 cm
Skyshark 5PT 82,5 cm 6x
6 cm carbon tube 82,5 cm 2x
3mm carbon rod 1,5 meter 1x
Spiral Wound glassfiber rod 3mm 1,5 m. 2x
Ferrule short Skyshark 2x
Ferrule long Skyshark 1x
APA large LE diameter, small LS 4x
Center Cross R-Sky 6×6 mm 1x
Jaco sailgrabber 3mm short 6x
APA Standoff connector 3mm 4x
FSD splitnock 6mm 3x
Endcap 5mm 4x
Endcap 8mm 2x
Exel Standoff connector 7×3 mm 2x
C-clips 6mm 10x
Bridle line 8 meter
Bungiecord 50 cm.
Velcro 3 cm wide,  20 cm long.
Dyneema line for leechline 5 meter
Curtain lead 24 grams
Tiewraps thin

Construction notes:

  • The double line at the spine area marks the overlap for sewing.
  • Use some dacron at the Standoffs and Rollbar on the Trailing Edge after sewing on the seam-tape to reinforce that area.
  • Standoff connector positions on Lower Spreader, measured from center of Cross:
    Inner: 26,5 cm. Outer: 31,5 cm.
  • Rollbar connectors are made like this:
    Drill a hole trough the side of the Exel connector large enough to fit a tiewrap. Cut the 7 mm. part at the side so the connector will point backward instead of upwards like the picture. Cut or melt a hole in de Leading Edge dacron as close as possible to the Leading Edge rod. Use tiewrap to fixate the connector.
  • The leechline can be attached to the wingtip nocks or sewed in with the Trailing Edge nylon tape at the tips. Use a piece of bungie cord (knots at both ends) around the center cross and attach the leech line with larkshead knots for easy adjustability (just slide the larkshead knots).
  • curtainweightA curtain weight is used for the the tailweight. Fit it at the end of the tail by sliding it in the velcro pocket and fixate using a tiewrap.