Two years after building the first EOL I build two scaled versions. A big one that was boring and a little one that was much fun. Here you will find all information about the EOL Mini, which is a bit different in detail compared to the original EOL. It is fully framed with 5mm Excel. All EOL Minis I have built have been given to friends. It was only a fun project.
Birger Garbe


Height: ca. 75 cm
Wingspan: 190 cm


Spine: 5mm pultruded carbon ~750mm
Upper Spreader: 5mm pultruded carbon 425mm
Lower Spreader: 5mm pultruded carbon 1210mm
Leading Edge: 5mm pultruded carbon 1250mm
Standoffs: 3mm carbon 230mm distance sail to spreader
Tail weight: ~10 gr
Bridle: upper length 420 mm, outer length 380 mm, inner length 490 mm


EOL Mini plan and overview
Panels with 6mm extra for the seams


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