Freestyle Kites

Freestyle Kites

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MugenKites Precog

Gabor (Mugen Kites) built this amazing Precog for me in my favorite color scheme with teal accent color. The wingtips are double layered icarex: dark grey in the front and teal in the back. The color effect is amazing. It looks like dark teal in the sky. When tricking it switches shade which looks very cool.

The Precog is slow and quite precise in flight and wants to be tricked in combinations. It has a beefy frame with mostly 7 pt rods. I love some mass in a kite and this one suits me very well. Thanks a lot Gabor for building this kite.

MugenKites Assassin UL

Another awesome kite designed and built by Gabor Nagy.

Level One BadAss SUL

The BadAss was developed by Peter Maternus for Level One Kites. It has an all pultruded (one piece rods) Matrix frame which makes it very different compared to other kites with stiffer frames. The frame works really well in this kite. The long (single) standoffs make for a very deep sail. Very slow in flight with good speed control. Tricks are slow and gracefull. Very nice slotmachines. This is the SUL version with slightly lighter frame and less reinforcements. The LE tunnels are nylon.

Level One BadAss UL

The BadAss was developed by Peter Maternus for Level One Kites. It has an all pultruded (one piece rods) Matrix frame which makes it very different compared to other kites with stiffer frames. The frame works really well in this kite. The long (single) standoffs make for a very deep sail. Very slow in flight with good speed control. Tricks are slow and gracefull. Very nice slotmachines. This is the UL version with slightly lighter frame and less reinforcements.


Level One BadAss STD

The BadAss was developed by Peter Maternus for Level One Kites. It has an all pultruded (one piece rods) Matrix frame which makes it very different compared to other kites with stiffer frames. The frame works really well in this kite. The long (single) standoffs make for a very deep sail. Very slow in flight with good speed control. Tricks are slow and gracefull. Very nice slotmachines.

90Three STD

This is a little trickkite experiment i did recently. Started off with a shape i really liked: my Vendetta by Shawn Tinkham. Altered the shape by scaling it down to 93% and changed the trailing edge by cutting it a fraction higher. The position of the lowerspreader/center cross is a bit higher on the spine as well. Fitted single standoffs per side and added a Kitehouse style nose. Also made a little panel layout so i could use some icarex scraps (Vendetta’s have nylon sail material).

Turned out to be a nice tricker with a great taz machine and a deeper backflip. Backspins are better as well. Still quite slow and precise in flight. The signature Vendetta slotmachines are a bit lost. Maybe a little tweaking can bring those back. I’m not intending to share the plans publicly, since it is based on a kite that used to be available commercially. Krijn Hemminga was interested in building one as well so we both have a matching kite to do some pair trick flying. A couple of other friends have build 90three’s as well.

90Three 6mm

Reframed this 90Three STD sail with all pultruded rods. Leading edges are Structil. Spine and Lower Spreader: (single piece) Exel Cruise. Upper Spreader: 5 mm. Quite amazed by the low wind capabilities of this frame. First test is very promising. Looking forward to try it in a bit more wind.

90Three SUL

I recieved a package from Krijn containing this Super Ultralight version of the 90Three kite as a birthday gift! So cool! Looks great with this grape color accent (also a color not longer in production). Perfectly built. Leading Edge tunnels are made from spinnaker nylon instead of dacron and light mylar is used for the Standoff reinforcement. A slightly smaller nose is fitted.

This version is framed in P100 Spine and Lower Leading Edges, 2pt Lower Spreaders and Upper Leading Edges, 4 mm Upper Spreader and G-tech Standoffs.

90Three CW

This sail with white mesh vents also comes from Krijn’s workshop. The large white and the burgundy-red panels are ripstop nylon. The rest of the sail is PC31. The first tests are very promising. Slow, precise and almost no pull. Tricks are not as easy compared to the other versions but Cometes, Taz’s, Rolling Cascades etc. are very do-able. Need to test a bit more to see just how tricky it can be.

Krijn’s VTD is framed in full BD Nitro and P3X spine but for the sake of the experiment i went for a different frame setup. Upper Leading Edges and Lower Spreaders: 7PT, Lower Leading Edges and Spine: P400, Upper Spreader: 6mm pultruded. 3mm G-Tech Standoffs. There’s 24 grams in the tail but i suspect it might need a little more. Total weight of the kite is 313 grams.

90Six STD

90Nine STD Nitro

The latest iteration of the 90Three project is a the 90Nine. This is the 234cm wingspan version. Sail build flawlessly by Krijn with Berrie icarex (not made anymore) color accents. Great size for (freestyle) competition.

This version is framed in Nitro LS and ULE, Nitro Strong LLE and 5pt Spine. US is 6mm and 3 mm carbon SO. Current tailweight is 17grams but it might need more in heavier winds.

90Nine (S)UL

Recieved this sail as a gift from Krijn! Such a cool present. I brought the rods for it and framed the sail at the beach. I actually love the powder pink icarex used in this sail. Very suitable for a light kite and it matches very well with my 90Nine STD in Berry color. It also combines very well with my Grape 90Three SUL.

I used the frame from my Vendetta SUL: Skyshark 3pt LS, p90/100 LE and a p100 spine. 5mm US.

100Sixteen STD

This is the 116% version of the 90Three which makes it a fullsize 260cm wingspan kite and the overall weight is 349 gr. Similiar compared to the 90Three but much slower in tricks and performs very well in lower windspeeds, probably due to it’s size.

Frame: c-grade Skyshark Nitro Strong (23 gram each) for the LE and LS, 5pt/p200 spine, P100 US and 3mm carbon and G-Tech SO’s. About 20 grams in the tail.

90Three80 Super Ultralight

This kite is a gift from Pierre Terbogt †. Sail was built by Krijn Hemminga. Super radical little kite that flies and tricks in a breeze. So much fun.

Frame is 4mm structil and Avia Skinny UL


The 90Nothing is the 80% 90Three created for indoor and zero wind urban flight, built by Krijn. All reinforcements are very light with 2,5 cm spinnaker LE tunnels, laminated dacron nose and no trailing edge seam.

Frame: 4mm pultruded LS (one piece), 3mm pultruded LE, Spine and US. This very light frame is strong enough and works very well.

Matrix Ultralight

This is a open source design from Italy. I flew Krijn Hemminga’s Matrix’s a few times and i really liked the kite, but i didn’t like the panel layout that much. So i used one of the early (rejected) panel designs for the 90Three.

In the classroom at work we have a lasercutting machine. I used it to cut the sail pieces. So convenient. No messing around with templates and perfectly cut and sealed panels. The mylar and dacron reinforcement pieces were also made this way. Turned out quite nicely with this unorthodox color scheme. Flies very well. I used a slightly different frame: ULE and LS 3pt, LLE p200, US 5 mm pultruded carbon and a 6 mm structil/p200 spine.

[Escape] STD by Ulzburger Kites

Birger’s (Ulzburger Kites) third open source trickkite design: Escape. This kite is slightly bigger compared to the previous designs. LE length is 150cm which makes for a 235cm wingspan and 100cm height. The overall character of the kite is slow, precise and graceful in tricks. First impressions are really good. Love it. The plans are available here.

This STD version is framed with Skyshark Black Diamond Nitro lower spreaders and Aurel Agil 400 rods for the leading edges and spine.

[Return] STD by Ulzburger Kites

Birger’s (Ulzburger Kites) second trickkite design was concieved trough his son Philip’s kite design plugin for Inkscape. Like his first design (End Of Line, see below) this kite is Open Source. The plans can be found via the Open Source Kite Plans menu at the top of this page.

This particular kite was built by Birger himself. Framed in P200 LE and Spine and 5pt LS. I haven’t been able to fly it yet. More about this when it has had it’s maiden flight.

End of Line STD by Ulzburger Kites

Birger (Ulzburger Kites) kindly sent me a demo kite of his first kite design: End Of Line. A kite designed to be a team-kite with trick capabilities but it turns out to be quite a freestyler. Build-quality is very good and can compete witht the top kite-buiders. Real craftmanship. I’ve been flying this demo-kite for a while and really like it a lot. It has a unique character which i think is great. Every trick in the book is doable. It has quite a good taz without a deadspot in the flare (have a look at the video). The kite is now mine (thanks Birger!!!!) and i’m looking forward to try the UL version as well.

The leading edges and upper spreader used in this kite are pultruded carbon rods. The lower spreaders are Skyshark 5PT and the spine is P200. A brass weight of 20 grams is fitted inside the spine.

Magnet 112%

Bigger version of David Rügers Magnet. It’s more stable, more precise, slower while retaining the trickabilty and feel of the original Magnet. Since my choices in colors are always a bit safe to say the least i decided to go for a 80’s/90’s windsurfing look. Looks awesome against the sky.

Framed in SkyShark 5pt Leading Edges, P300 spine, Black Diamond Nitro Lower spreaders and 6mm pultruded Upper Spreader.

Magnet 112% SUL

Another larger version of the Magnet. This light version flies and tricks in the lightest breeze. Slow, precise, articulate in tricks (very readable), great slow multilazies and taz’s. 1 pop yoyo requires more tailweight but 2 pops are very nice. Same shape and materials used for the sail. I just did a reverse color combo compared to the STD.

My frame: ULE p90, LLE p100, LS 3pt, Spine p100 and US 4,5 mm pultruded carbon. About 13 grams in tail.

Magnet by David Rüger

After flying David’s prototype Magnet for a while i decided it would be a nice addition to my kitebag. My kite is #2, so the second production Magnet. Very agile trick-machine, light pull, precise, taz-happy and in my opinion very nice to look at shapewise.

The panel layout isn’t half bad either! With a wingspan of +/- 2.10 meters wide it’s a bit smaller and although it feels like a bigger kite when flying straight lines and corners it requires small inputs in tricks.

Frame: Skyshark P200 LE and Spine, Skyshark 5PT LS and 5mm Structil US.

Magnet UL by David Rüger

This sail is David’s Proto #2. It was a gift from Krijn (THANKS!) after he build a new sail for his STD. I love the panels and colors on this one. Very capable Ultralight kite. Great feedback and can be flown in quite a breeze.

Frame: Avia Skinny SUL ULE, Skyshark P90 LLE, Skyshark 3PT LS, Skyshark 3P spine and 4mm US. Currently about 12 grams in the tail.

Day & Night

The D&N is a small and light streetkite designed by David Rüger. The plans are available on this website. Performs very well on short lines. Needs small inputs and quick reflexes and is a lot of fun to fly. Mine is framed in 4mm pultruded carbon for the Spine, LE and US and Skinny SUL LS. Might consider to put yoyo-stoppers on it since 2 pop-yoyo’s are very nice on this kite.

Probably one of the fastest builds i did. Took only an afternoon to build the sail.

Air Oeuvre Mini Mohawk

I recieved this kite in 2008. It was framed in all p200 band i didn’t like it at all. I used parts of the frame and the sail ended up in the shed somewhere. I recently found the sail and decided to frame it in 6mm carbon. I guess i wasn’t ready for this type of kite in 2008. Lot’s of fun. Quite precise for such a small kite (180cm) and very tricky. Multilazies are a bit hard though.

Sail is nylon with laminated dacron LE tunnels and reinforcements. No US so i fitted a bridle line from LE to LE. No added weight in the tail… it pitches good as it is.

Kitehouse Sharp UL

Got this sail from Sascha. Very nice color combi in Light Grey, White and (i think) Mango icarex. The 2 grey panels near the nose/LE are nylon for more billow effect. I’ve framed it in p100 LE’s, 3pt BD LS, Gforce SUL spine and 5 mm pultruded US.

The Sharp has a deeper backflip compared to the Sin. Cyniques are there and it does great 2 pop roll-ups. Backspins are nice and flat and Taz’z are very nice also.

Kitehouse Sin Comp Strong

My favourite Kitehouse design. Sail was a gift from Sascha/Thomas. So stoked on this simple yet gorgeous layout. Framed the kite myself in Black Diamond Nitro Strong LS, 6mm Structil LE.

Solid kite. Precise.


Fred Blok’s NKOTB

Fred designed this kite a few years ago and gave me one of his proto sails. Never got around to frame it and then i totally forgot it… Came across the sail recently and decided to frame it. A real flatspin monster. It’s possible to taz it from a lot of different angles.

This one is framed in 6 mm pultruded LE, US and Spine and Gforce S(trong)UL LS.


The P2/P3 is an open source trick kite designed by Pim Kusters and Pierre Terbogt. After the proto’s were declared finished i created a plan based on Fred Blok’s panel design. Everything was put on this website for everybody to build/enjoy. The P2 is a small kite (2.05 m) which was designed as a cheap but strong kite for higher windspeeds.

The frame is 6mm Excel pultruded carbon and Skyshark 5pt lowerspreaders. This mix sure can take a beating. The loose sail has a lot of ‘coupe’ and performs quite well in lower windspeeds as well. The P3 is an updated version by Peter Maternus.

P3 proto 6mm Lou

Technically not my kite since it’s my daughters P3. This was one of the 2 proto sails by Pim. Pierre Ter Bogt † gave it to me. I refurbished it and framed it in all 6mm pultruded rods.

Sail is bit moore loose then the final open source version. I have to say it works really well with this frame. Might need a bit of extra tailweight.

Essence STD

Pim Kusters’ first serious kite designed for trick competition. This Essence STD was built using the template on this page. It replaces the now ready for retirement white Essence STD.

Frame is Skyshark 5pt and 6mm structil for US and spine. The skyblue icarex panels are double layered to give the color more pop. Have to fly this a lot this winter to wear and stretch the sail a bit.

Essence SUL

This is my new sail to replace the Shocking Teal sail which was getting knackered. This version is all icarex with spinnaker LE tunnels. Frame is 2pt for the LE, 3pt LS and p100 spine.

A bit different in flight compared to the old sail. Does Tazmachines with ease now. Very capable light wind trickmonster but needs some adjusting.

Benson Gemini

After seeing Armando/Guilio Duarte flying at the 2005 Scheveningen festival my interest in freestyle/trickkite flying was renewed. I was amazed by the capabilities of the kites i saw. It was then and there that i decided to buy a new kite. After lurking on the vliegerwereld.nl forum in 2006 i saw an ad for a used Benson Gemini at a bargain price. I picked it up in the Rotterdam area. I did some modifications like converting the lower spreaders to a 3 piece setup. Also changed the bridle from the old crossover style to a tri-star active bridle. Then i added rollbars as well. Frame is Structil.

Still love the Gemini because it is so different: the looks but also the flying style. Great double axels, backspins, yoyo’s, wapdoowaps and crazy copters. There is almost no backflip so one needs to be quick with lazies and jacobsladders.

R-Sky Nirvana STD (heavy)

Got this kite from the UK. I think it’s one from the early batches. No logo on the tail dacron. Reframed in p200/p300 LE, 7pt LS to replace the Pimvana a.k.a. baksteen (brick) but it’s not the same… certainly a sweet kite which needs some adjusting.

Le Quartz STD

I build this kite by Chistian Derefat using Tom’s step by step website construction plan. Very easy to build, inexpensive and a lot of fun to fly. Capable of every trick in the book. Fade and backflip are very deep and sometimes a little hard to recover. Lifters are a piece of cake thanks to a coupe in the spine/TE area. Tricks are not allways flawless in the looks department but most of them are easily accessible. Great beginner kite as well.

Frame is p300 spine, 6mm Exel Cruise LE, 5pt LS and 6mm pultruded US.

Le Neutron Ultralight

This kite was a gift from Wilfred Legebeke (super thanks!!!). The sail was build for Fred Blok by Christian Derefat who also designed the kite. Fred sold the kite to Wilfred. Very capable kite for a design from 2005/2006 and a lot of fun to fly. Great wapdoowaps. Normally i’m not that fond of kites with a lot of black icarex but this one is so nice!

Frame is 5mm structil and 3pt.

Drachenkiste Siebert Sweety

Very nice indoor/no wind kite and very suitable as a training kite for novice indoor pilots. It has a very strong yet light 4mm pultruded frame. Flatspins are very nice and it’s even possible to do rollups. Got this kite from Bram.