Sixth Sense

Sixth Sense

Designed by Davide Equizzi

The Sixth Sense was designed as a polyvalent competition kite for STACK. The goal was to design a slow, precise kite that gives the pilot confidence and is very intuitive when executing tricks.


It has a wide wind range and will fly in a few km/h. It has a stable fade and good backflip without the need of a special input to get out of it. It’s a great tool to learn new stuff because of the strong, forgiving frame.

When it comes to tricks, it can do all the trick in my repetoire, especially the flat rotations (Taz’s, Slots, 540’s) are very elegant and easy to execute. Same goes for half axel rotations (Cometes, Cascades etc.) and lazy rotations (Rolling Cascade, Multilazy etc).

The Yoyo is good but not very fast, yet controllable and multiples are within reach. Even Wapdoowaps and Crazy Copters. Yofade’s require more effort (it is 90 cm high after all) but are certainly possible. Backspins and Backspin Cascades require a firm input to start the rotation.

Davide Equizzi