The P3 is the result of modifications made by Peter PAW Maternus. The mods include frame dimensions, connector positions, single standoffs and bridle. The roll bars were removed. This improves the balance and some of the characteristics of the kite. For instance: tazmachines are easier to execute. Pictures provided by Krijn Hemminga.

P3 build by Krijn

Frame specifications:

Leading Edge Exel Cruise 6mm 135 cm
Upper spreader Exel Cruise 5mm 47,3 cm
Lower spreaders Skyshark 5pt 64 cm
Spine Exel Cruise 6mm 74 cm
Standoff Carbon rod 3mm 25 cm
Tailweight 14 gram

Connector Positions:

These dimensions were measured from the nose sewing (see picture) to middle of connector:
Upper LE Tiny APA 31 cm
Yoyo Stopper LE 53 cm
Lower LE APA 83 cm
Center Cross Knotted Ferrule 48 cm
Standoff LS 29,5 cm from thick end


Three point bridle:p3_bridle
Upper 53 cm
Lower 49,5 cm 5cm below APA
Inhaul 61 cm 5,5 cm below center cross
Leaders 150 cm

Detail pictures:

Shopping List

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Some construction notes:

  • The sail shape has not been changed. Just use the P2 template. Don’t use the connector positions in the P2 plan.
  • The inner standoff’s are not used. The single stand off uses the position of the outer standoff in the P2 plan.
  • The position of the upper spreader rub patch (middle) is about 19 cm from the top of the spine.
  • The centercross reinforcement dacron needs to be extended a bit since the position of the centre cross has changed.
  • The plastic centercross connector has been replaced with a knotted ferrule as shown in this video by PAW.
  • Check out Krijn’s documented P3 kite build here!