P2/P3 kite

The P2 is an open source trickkite designed by Pim Kusters and Pierre ter Bogt (layout by Fred Blok). Their goal was to create a smaller kite that is low-cost, strong, trickable and easy to handle in a wide wind range but most of all a lot of fun to fly. It turned out to be quite precise with a nice feedback on the lines. It is capable of most tricks and has a stable fade and backflip.


Wingspan:  205 cm
Sail: Icarex pc31
Leading Edges: Exel Cruise 6mm
Spine: Exel Cruise 6mm
Upper Spreader: Exel Cruise 6mm
Lower Spreaders: Skyshark 5pt
Stand-offs: solid carbon rod 3 mm
Rollbars: 3mm spiral wound glassfiber
Fittings: APA, EXEL, R-sky, c-quad
Added tailweight: 18 gram
Bridle: 3 point

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On these pages you will find the plans to build your own P2. The templates, frame and bridle specs are available on the Plan pages. A colourizer is also available. We won’t explain how to build it step-by-step. There are multiple pages available on the web describing kitebuilding techniques. Please send us a picture (or video) of your build and we will add it to the Builds page. Use the P2 menu above to navigate these pages.