Freestyle Kites

SixthSense_STD_1200Sixth Sense STD

This great design by Davide (Kite D.E.sign) was on my to-build-list for quite some time. First impression was very promising. Great taz’s and cometes. Precise. Had a little piece of Caribean blue Icarex left and never used it in a kite. Very nice color indeed. Too bad it’s discontinued. Frame: ULE and LS Black Diamond Nitro, LLE Black Diamond Nitro Strong, Spine 5pt and US 6.1 mm structil.

M_XLMagnet XL

Bigger version of David Rügers Magnet. It’s more stable, more precise, slower while retaining the trickabilty and feel of the original Magnet. Since my choices in colors are always a bit safe to say the least i decided to go for a 80’s/90’s windsurfing look. Looks awesome against the sky. Framed in SkyShark 5pt Leading Edges, P300 spine, Black Diamond Nitro Lower spreaders and 6mm pultruded Upper Spreader.

Magnet by David Rüger

After flying David’s prototype Magnet for a while i decided it would be a nice addition to my kitebag. My kite is #2, so the second production Magnet. Very agile trick-machine, light pull, precise, taz-happy and in my opinion very nice to look at shapewise. The panel layout isn’t half bad either! With a wingspan of +/- 2.10 meters wide it’s a bit smaller and although it feels like a bigger kite when flying straight lines and corners it requires small inputs in tricks. Frame: Skyshark P200 LE and Spine, Skyshark 5PT LS and 5mm Structil US.

Kitehouse Sin UL

My favourite Kitehouse design. Sail was a gift from Sascha/Thomas. So stoked on this simple yet gorgeous layout. Framed the kite myself in Black Diamond 3pt LS, 3pt LE. Solid kite. Precise. Tricks look awesome if timed correctly. Very flat backspins and probably the nicest Taz’s in the industry.

Viper Sportkites Vendetta SUL

One of the most impressive kite video’s ever is the Vendetta SUL movie on the beach. It looks like the kite is moving in slow motion. A few years ago i was able to buy an original Vendetta STD and decided i wanted to have a SUL and UL version as well. Since there are not that many Vendetta’s around and even less come available on the second hand market i made a Vendetta SUL myself. If i can get a hold of an original SUL i would replace this one. Sadly Shawn Tinkham isn’t taking any orders at this time. This kite is build with a Icarex sail and framed with 3pt LS, p90/100 LE and a p100 spine.

Viper Sportkites Vendetta STD

Awesome blueish grey color. Certainly a lot different in shade compared to Icarex light grey. Got this one from the GWTW forum and it was in near perfect condition. No visible wear or dirt. Even the rods still had their Skyshark logo on it. Slow, precise, radical. A bit Nirvana’esgue so larger inputs are required. Slots and Multislots are a blast, and so are 2 point landings, spikes and crazy copters. Rolls up quicker then you might expect. Backspins are not it’s strong point. Very nice kite for TP competition flying though. Very happy to have a little set of these. This used be a UL (#4) but since my SUL overlapped and my STD was getting beat up i decided to reframe it to STD specs. Frame: 5pt BD LS, p200/300 LE, p200 spine.


The P2/P3 is an open source trick kite designed by Pim Kusters and Pierre Terbogt. After the proto’s were declared finished i created a plan based on Fred Blok’s panel design. Everything was put on this website for everybody to build/enjoy. The P2 is a small kite (2.05 m) which was designed as a cheap but strong kite for higher windspeeds. The frame is 6mm Excel pultruded carbon and Skyshark 5pt lowerspreaders. This mix sure can take a beating. The loose sail has a lot of ‘coupe’ and performs quite well in lower windspeeds as well. The P3 is an updated version by Peter Maternus.

Essence STD

Pim Kusters’ first serious kite designed for trick competition. This sail was made by Windfactory right before they went out of business. Modified the frame and bridle dimensions to the UL/SUL spec. Frame is Skyshark 5pt and 6mm structil for US and spine. My go to competion kite in higher windspeeds. Seems to get better with age. Sail is getting really knackered though. Just recently replaced the nose and the Leading Edge dacron. The laminated dacron was cracking and damaged.

Essence SUL

This is my new sail to replace the Shocking Teal sail which was getting knackered. This version is all icarex with spinnaker LE tunnels. Frame is 2pt for the LE, 3pt LS and p100 spine. A bit different in flight compared to the old sail. Does Tazmachines with ease now. Very capable light wind trickmonster but needs some adjusting.

Elysium STD

Pim’s second competion kite design. Great kite in a steady breeze. Very smooth in combining tricks. Deep backflip, great 2 pop yoyo’s and cyniques. Just don’t have the confidence to fly the Elysium in competition yet. I a like bit more precision for that. Frame is 5pt and p200.

R-Sky Nirvana STD (heavy)

Got this kite from the UK. I think it’s one from the early batches. No logo on the tail dacron. Reframed in p200/p300 LE, 7pt LS to replace the Pimvana a.k.a. baksteen (brick) but it’s not the same… certainly a sweet kite which needs some adjusting.

Le Quartz STD

I build this kite by Chistian Derefat using Tom’s step by step website construction plan. Very easy to build, inexpensive and a lot of fun to fly. Capable of every trick in the book. Fade and backflip are very deep and sometimes a little hard to recover. Lifters are a piece of cake thanks to a coupe in the spine/TE area. Tricks are not allways flawless in the looks department but most of them are easily accessible. Great beginner kite as well. Frame is p300 spine, 6mm Exel Cruise LE, 5pt LS and 6mm pultruded US.

Drachenkiste Siebert Sweety

Very nice indoor/no wind kite and very suitable as a training kite for novice indoor pilots. It has a very strong yet light 4mm pultruded frame. Flatspins are very nice and it’s even possible to do rollups. Got this kite from Bram.