A short impression from the first test-flights in strong and gusty winds - By BiMi - 25 october 2011


(NOTE: No rollbars were fitted on this kite. The kite was developed with rollbars and they are important for balance and weight distribution.)


Once the wind picks up, the kite gives a solid feedback on the lines, actually more than I expected. The P2 tracks and curves very well. I fitted an adjustable leechline, and precision was pretty good if it is loose and the kite can make some (but not too annoying) sound. If the leechline is set to a quiet position, tracking and speed control are naturally not so good anymore; I prefer a "slightly noisy" version.


However, in light winds and after tricks I had some problems to get some drive and pressure back into the sail and the kite stalled easily. Shortening the upper bridle line did not help, as overall flying was much better with the kite put to a heavy setting. Without rollbars (see below) and using the bridle measures given in the plan, the center of rotation was very far away from the spine and turns required large inputs. I therefore shortened the inhaul by ~3cm and the lower outhaul by around 1cm and was happy with the result.


I did not build the kite for myself, but will give it away to a friend who is a beginner and does, on first hand, not aim to do any tricks at all. Therefore I did NOT fit the recommended rollbars, but only some Jojostoppers for myself during the test. I guess the changed weight-distribution/ moment of inertia does not serve the tricking very well, I had to put ~40g of lead on the tail and I also shortened the upper spreader by ~.5-1cm in order to get nice and fast rollups and consistent halfaxels done. However, the increased weight did not spoil the solid tracking.


What I particularly liked were JacobsLadders and 2pop rollups, both can be done very controlled and I like kites that can roll up slowly from a backflip. With the increased weight on the tail, the kite can also pitch very fast, both in normal and reversed directions, so CrazyCopters and Yofades are in there as well. The Fade is stable and the kite lifts a bit on it's back. The backflip is deep enough to get the nice 2pop rollups and multilazys. Backspins and lazys are fast and need gentle inputs, and also bs-cascades are accessible.


What I honestly did NOT like very much are all axel-based tricks. Halfaxels and Cascades are ok, as well are tazmachines if you hit them right. Slots looked a bit ugly to me and I did not get any proper comete done, but some more flyingtime to find the correct (small) inputs and a changed weight-distribution with rollbars and less on the spine might help.


In total, I'm quite happy with the kite and it's presence on the lines in the right wind. Not a low-wind kite, though. I used Exel-rods in the LE, if I should build another one I would try to use Structil in the LE, only 5mm for the upper spreader with tiny APAs and Rollbars.